What is EquityHunt?

EquityHunt is the first virtual meeting place for real estate deal sponsors and investors. And that’s all it is – a meeting place. We allow you to make the connection, then you take it from there.

Do I have to pay to use EquityHunt?

No. EquityHunt is FREE for a limited time. Sign up now to get exclusive free access to a growing commercial real estate network. When and if we ever go to a premium pay service, we will notify all members and never charge a fee without written consent.

What are the benefits of using EquityHunt?

EquityHunt provides a venue for deal sponsors and real estate investors to meet where they would not otherwise. We make it easy for accredited investors to consider opportunities in commercial real estate. And, it’s free!

How does it work?

Sponors post opportunities on EquityHunt and accredited investors frequent EquityHunt looking for opportunities. EquityHunt provides the platform to make a connection:


What is an Accredited Investor?

Please refer to the SEC’s description of an Accredited Investor: http://investor.gov/news-alerts/investor-bulletins/investor-bulletin-accredited-investors

Do I have to be based in the U.S. to invest or sponsor a deal?

No. Deals and members can be based anywhere across the globe. Feel free to join our network no matter where you are located!

What types of investments are on EquityHunt?

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities are available in the following categories: Land Hotel Mobile Home Parks Multi-family Housing Specialty Housing Industrial Retail Office

How does an investment deal get listed on EquityHunt?

A deal sponsor registers with EquityHunt and posts as much information as they would like on the deal. We encourage them to post as much detailed information as possible to better inform the prospective investor.

How do I know a featured deal is real?

EquityHunt works to protect you and prevent fraud. We require that Sponsors who want to join the site provide accurate and truthful background information. However, it is important to note that EquityHunt does not guarantee the legitimacy of a deal. Therefore, it is important to do your own due diligence before investing in any investment. Investing in real estate is and can be risky and it is highly recommended that members understand these risks and do their own due diligence before connecting with sponsors and committing to any deal terms.

How do I see the details of a deal?

Click on the “Learn More/Get Introduced” button on a particular deal. This allows the deal sponsor to reach you through the EquityHunt system to begin a detailed conversation about the deal.

How do I actually invest in a Deal?

Once you ask to be introduced by clicking on “Learn More/Get Introduced” you will then be provided with extra deal information, and the Sponsors contact information. After that, it’s up to you to do your own due diligence and pursue an investment directly with the Deal Sponsor. EquityHunt is just a meeting place. Deciding if you want to and what to invest is up to you, your attorney and the opportunity the deal sponsor presents.

What happens after I express interest in a deal?

The Deal Sponsor will contact you in order to answer your questions and provide you with detailed information about the project and the investment. Of course, continuing to pursue an opportunity is entirely up to you.

Is the EquityHunt website secure?

Yes. We strive to ensure the security of all of our members’ data and use SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link protects the data passed between the web server and browsers and ensures that it remain confidential and intact. SSL is the industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions and customer data.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

All communication between our users and the website is encrypted and secured using HTTPS and SSL/TLS. This is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure their customer data. Our servers are hosted a top tier facility secured by military grade perimeter control beams, video surveillance, and professional security staff to keep their data centers physically secure.

Didn’t find the answer here that you were looking for?

If so, please feel free to contact us at support [ at  ] equityhunt [  dot   ] com