Welcome to Equity Hunt Fractional Share Listings

If you own a fractional interest in any equity investment, it is often times not a liquid investment. There is no place to go to sell your shares. You need to find someone on your own that is willing to pay you for your fractional interest. By this time, you have owned your interest for a number of years and don’t know where to turn to sell it. This is where Equity Hunt comes in; you can list your interest on Equity Hunt and buyers will find you. It may be someone wanting more interest in the same investment you have, or someone just looking for a good opportunity. Buyers know that Equity Hunt is a good place to come and find fractional interest in investments. They don’t have to manage the day to day operations, but can participate in the diverse growth opportunities.


Listing Tips:

  1. The more information you can provide about your particular fraction investment, the better.
  2. The contact info of the Managing Partner is important so that the buyer can confirm ownership
  3. Be aware that there may be some fees in transferring ownership. Please check your investment documents.