EquityHunt is for Investors.

EquityHunt provides a virtual meeting room with deal sponsors for investors to participate in real estate investing. With the uncertainty in the stock and bond markets, many investors are looking for alternative investments, geographic diversity and/or a more stable and predictable return on their investment dollars. This is not always the most attractive solution given that ongoing management can be a burden. Unless you are set up for the 2 am leaking pipe phone call, asset management is often better left to the professionals. Sometimes investors would just like some equity growth and stable income on their investment dollars and make it someone else’s job to answer the 2am calls. Learn more about us or check out our FAQ or Contact us.

See more Deals.

Want to invest in the building of the national brand-name drug store chain located on the busiest corner in town? Now you can see the busiest retail corner in lots of towns and the meet the developers building them through EquityHunt. Here lies the opportunity for you to invest.

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Manage Deal Flow.

As more sponsors show their deals on EquityHunt, the more opportunities there will be for you to consider investing. Tools on EquityHunt will allow you to search, sort and flag deals that are interesting to you.

Increase Productivity.

EquityHunt allows you to see a lot of real estate investments quickly, all in one place. No searching around or asking for opportunities to invest that hotel or office building.


Maintain Control.

EquityHunt puts the control in your hands. You decide if you want additional information on an opportunity seen in the EquityHunt virtual meeting room.