EquityHunt is for Sponsors.

EquityHunt gives sponsors a way to bridge the valley of death in financing a project and open a whole new market place for funding. Tools are available on EquityHunt to securely post project information for investors to see. Investors today are looking for opportunities to participate in alternative investments such as real estate – but without the management hassle of owning the whole asset. EquityHunt is the online meeting place to meet such investors. Learn more about us or check out our FAQ or Contact us.

Simplify Communication.

Get in direct contact with investors quickly.

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Centralize & Manage.

EquityHunt gives you a single meeting place to tell your story on a national platform to a lot of investors – and then keep track of all the investors that have shown interest in your project.

Find Investors.

EquityHunt offers a single meeting place for real estate investors to see deals nationally – by location, property type, percentage leased, eixisting or to-be-developed with a couple of clicks. How does a wealthy investor in New Jersey find an apartment developer in California? The answer is easy, EquityHunt!